KidLogger for iOS 10

Good news for iPhone owners!

We have published a new version of KidLogger for iPhone/iPad with support of iOS 10.

The application has got a new design, and a feature to manually change the distanse and time interval of coordinate getting. So, you can calibrate the program according to phone capatibility and your child's mobility.

If a child travels otside the sity, you can switch on "Significant changes only". Then it will record the coordinates in several kilometers.


What is the advantage of Kidlogger applicaiton for iPhone, regarding to standard "Find iPhone" service from Apple ?

First, iCloud stores only one last coordinate, received from the device, before it lost. So, It is not possible to track the child's travel this way. Second, it stores the coordinate only for 24 hours. In our service, even in free variant, the ccordinates are stored for 9 days and the total number of coordinates is the same as was sent from the phone.

We are waiting for your feedbacks!

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We’re happy to hear any suggestions you might have about improving KidLogger.

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