Pro version for Standard and Basic accounts.

We provide a possibility to test PRO versions of KidLogger applicaiton for Windows and Android for users with Standard and Basic subscription. It will be a good oportunity to test it without buying a Professional subscription. The versions will work for a certain time and then switch to basic features.

The restrictions for KidLogger PRO for Windows in Standard and Basic account:

- 10 screenshots per day;

- 10 URL addresses per day;

- 10 keystrokes per day.

The restrictions for KidLogger PRO for Adnroid in Standard and Basic account:

- 10 screenshots;

- 10 URL addresses;

- 10 audio records;

- 10 keystrokes.

Do download KidLogger PRO you need to login your user account and open Download page.

Here you can find tutorials, articles and announcements about KidLogger SAS: what new features we’ve implemented, how to install Kidlogger, and how to set up user monitoring for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and iOS.

We’re happy to hear any suggestions you might have about improving KidLogger.

Compare Parental Controls in Windows 7, Mac and

“Never leave kids and employees unsupervised.”